SIgning off

I hate leaving something undone, unresolved, and I am sorry to tell all of you that I have done exactly that with this blog.

So, this is the last post of OpenAmbition.  I have run out of the space inside me and within my life to keep it alive and vibrant. Which is incredibly sad.  Sad given how much enthusiasm and life so many of you sent my way to start it, and more importantly, to keep it going.

I hope and look forward to returning to this.  It was fun, exciting, inspiring, exploring why we take risks, why the prospect of failing, and the act of failing, can help motivate us and inform our successes.

Thank you, all of you, for the help and encouragement to breath some life into this idea.  This blog brought me together with so many friends, introduced me to new ones, and brought the best out of all of us.

Thanks again,


One Response to “SIgning off”

  1. rnevius Says:

    Hope to see you on the trails again some day!


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