My guest post on TechFlash

John Cook was kind enough to let me guest post on TechFlash today, on a theme which turned out to be quite timely given Amazon’s introduction of the new Kindle DX.  The post is about how mobile consumer devices like the Kindle and the iPhone have finally wrested the grip of the mobile phone networks from the device itself.

To me it’s a rare instance where you can witness an industry transformation occur before your eyes.  Or perhaps watch a train wreck occur in slow motion.  The carriers will never be the same, but holy cow, we’re all in for some great new mobile products and experiences as a result.

You can find my post here:  The Kindle, the iPhone and the wireless carrier as commodity

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2 Responses to “My guest post on TechFlash”

  1. Chris DeVore Says:

    Hey Peter – just saw the guest post and couldn’t agree more, both about the inevitable commoditization of carriers and about the door still being open to other mobile OSes to grab a piece of the pie. Would love to get together sometime and compare notes on this…



    • Peter Zaballos Says:

      Thanks Chris, great point. To me the exciting part is once the carriers get comfortable with their role in this, a whole new dimension of opportunity opens up for everyone, them included. I would love to get together, and will email you to set that up. Thanks!


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